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The Coffee Roasters Guild, Copenhagen Business School, Specialty Coffee Association, and CoffeeMind are committed to providing business research to the coffee roasting community.  An imperative facet of business planning is designing a business model that is unique to your vision and values. There are many different business models that coffee roasters use, but which ones are most successful and what is the context of success for different business models? How can we better understand the affect certain business decisions have on profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, and owner satisfaction?

The Business Models of Coffee Roasteries Survey sets out to answer these questions and help you design a successful business model.


- Identify common business modelsused by coffee roasters
- Highlight business decisionscoffee roasters have made and the effect that decision has had on business
- Identify elements in yourbusiness model and how they work together to make the business more successfuland aligned with your business vision

The survey is anonymous so your name and company name will remain private, but it is essential that it is recorded to ensure the validity of the data as is required for scientific publication.

The survey takes about 7 minutes tocomplete and participants will receive a free copy of the final report.

If you would like to know more about the method behind this research- which is not necessary to fill out the survey- you can check out this 2-minute video: youtu.be/QoAOzMTLP5s

* 2. Are you partner/owner in the roastery business?
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